Échange Singapour-2018

Sunday, March 25th - with our host families (Inès C., Jakob, Melrick)

Publié le jeudi 29 mars 2018 20:35 - Mis à jour le vendredi 30 mars 2018 11:14

Today, we still are with our host families. So, we saw and visited different places all around Singapore.


I (Ines) went to a mall near my partner's home, and to a place named the "bazar" (photo 2). There are so many shopping centres in this country, and they're huge ! Then we visited the National Museum of Singapore, especially the Singapore History Gallery and an exhibition about World War Two called "Witness to War". It was really interesting. 

I (Jakob) went to an island not far off the coast of Singapore called Sentosa. It is home to the Universal Studios Theme Park, to Madame Tussauds Singapore, and to other fun places. I went to the beach there and played volleyball and rugby with the other students. In the evening we went to my buddy's grandmother's home to have a family dinner.

I (Melrick) had breakfast at McDonald's in the morning with the other St Gabriel students. Then we went to Universal Studios and I discovered many things like 4D movies (Shrek). Afterwards, I bought some souvenirs for my family. We wanted to go to the Cinema but the buddies had homeworks so we didn't. So finally, we came back home, took a shower and go to bed.

This is our second and last night with our partner and their parents, and they're all so kind ! Thanks to all of them.