Échange Singapour-2018

Week-end in Singapore, by Damien

Par ISABELLE GENETAY, publié le vendredi 30 mars 2018 19:09 - Mis à jour le mercredi 11 avril 2018 11:25

For the week-end, we were hosted in our partner's family. It was a time to share and learn more about each other’s culture. Indeed, our pen pals showed us what makes the wealth of their country: quite simply, the diversity of cultures, ethnicities and influences. That diversity is observed through the variety of monuments, places, foods that make for a lifestyle which is quite different from ours. Therefore, they brought us to visit the typical streets of each ethnicity in Singapore like China town, the street named little India, “hija lane” (typical street of Malay culture) and the last pioneers’ village. At night, we went to the ceremony of “60 minutes for the earth”, a ceremony that consists in saving energy for the earth by switching-off all lights for one hour. The next day, we did some activities in groups (because the Singaporeans had made them during the weekend). Part of the class went to experience the Universal Studio, others went to a trampoline park or to the cinema.